Thermoplastic Poly Olefin

(*1) ASTM D1238

(*2) ASTM D1505

(*3) FDA
All the monomers and additives used in the above TAFMER™ grades are listed in the “Code of Federal Regulation, title 21 Food and Drugs, Parts 170 to 189” and “FCN (Food Contact Notification)”.

(*4) EU Directive
All the monomers and additives used in the above TAFMER™ grade are listed in the EU Directive 2002/72/EC and its amendment 2008/39/EC.
The only additives with Specific Migration Limit (SML) are:
Tetrakis(2,4-di-t-butylphenyl)4,4-biphenylenediphosphite (CAS No.119345-01-6, Ref No.92560)

: SML= 18mg/kg
Please ensure that the SML and Overall Migration (OM) are within the specified value in the end-use products.

In case the regulatory information you are looking for is not covered by our standard certificate, please contact us.

Information contained herein is based on the material, information and data available as of the end of December 2011. No warranty is given for any data or evaluation results contained herein. It is also assumed that the product is to be used under normal conditions and with due precautions. If the product is to be used in any special manner, the user is requested safety measures to meet such new use or application.

TAFMER™ is used as a modifier that dramatically improves the properties of resin and as a molded material that has flexible and lightweigt characteristics. TAFMER™ is used in a wide range of fields such as automobile parts, packaging materials, sports goods, electric wires, civil engineering materials, construction materials, stationery, daily necessities, etc.

TAFMER™ is a low crystalline or amorphous α-olefin copolymer based on Mitsui Chemicals’ proprietary technology, using its state-of-the-art know-how in polyolefin and rubber materials.
TAFMER™ has lower density, lower modulus, and lower melting point, compared to polyethylene(PE) or polypropylene(PP).