EPDM (Ethylene-Propylene Diene Rubber)

Mitsui EPT 4045M is ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer (EPDM) synthesized by Metallocene Catalyst.
This grade is non oil-extended EPDM with low Mooney viscosity,low ethylene content and high diene content which is designed for extrusion and injection products.
It shows excellent process ability due to controlled long chain branching structure.

– Low Mooney viscosity
– Low ethylene content
– High diene content
– Long chain branching

Typical Polymer                      Test MethodValue
Mooney Viscosity  ML(1+4) 100 CASTM D 164645
Polymer Composition, mass % EthyleneASTM D 390045
Diene TypeENB
Diene content7.6 %NO oil