Silicone Grease

Silicone Grease-08

is Silicone based Grease, which is used as a lubricating agent.  Silicone grease is suitable for lubrication of some automotive parts
(spare part for Steering wheel), where two parts of rubber need to be lubricated. Silicone grease is suitable because normal
grease (petroleum based) causes the rubber to swell.

Product Advantages:
– High temperature resistant, it does not melt up to 200º C.
– Because it is Silicone based, this product does not cause swelling in all  rubber applications.
– Gives good lubrication between rubber parts.

Properties :
– Appereace            : White Translucent Non Flowing Grease.
– Density (gr/cc)            : + 1
– Viscosity (Centistokes, Cst)     : + 60,000.

Application :   Apply Silicone Grease-08 to the part which would be lubricated
                         by manual or injection.
Storage      :   Keep container tightly sealed to prevent dirt contamination.

Packaging   :   15 Kgs / pail.

Physical Form of Silicone Grease08