Inside Paint and Outside Paint for Tire Releasing Agent

1. IPRA-249

Filled Inside Tire Lubricant

IPRA 249 is a water based, filled inside tire lubricant upgrade from IPRA108 When properly applied to the inside of the green tire,
this product provides excellent lubrication between the bladder and the green tire, resulting in good release, no air-trap, and no other defects. 
Serving in various color: 249T for transparent,249C for creamy color,249 for grey color

IPRA – 249 is specially formulated tire lubricant consisting special release blends; and some fillers.

– Viscosities prevents dripping and running during application, when properly applied.
– This product will not becoming bad smell simce this product is well preserved with a biocide and without containing formaldehyde.

–  Appearance : Dark Grey Thick Liquid (color can be adjusted).
–  Density (kg/l, gr/cc) : + 1.1
–  % Solids : + 40 %
– Viscosity (@ 30oC) : + 2.5 dPa. s

IPRA – 249 can be applied by spray at ambient temperatures up to 40oC .
Coating weight will vary depending on the process. In some cases it also can be used by brushing.

Product Advantages:
– Viscosity prevents dripping and sagging during application, when properly applied.
– MICA-containing for better slip property
– Also can be made in light color as per customer’s specifications.
– We can make other color as customer request, creamy color so the operator can see at night, or Transparent color for putting the      
  barcode capability.

Packaging : 100 kg / Drum

Picture of IPRA

2. Inside Paint: OPRA – 256

OPRA – 256 is a water based lubricant, when properly applied to the outside of the green tire, this product provides excellent lubrication
between mold and green tire and gives good release.

Product Advantages:
– It sviscosity prevents dripping and sagging during application, 
– It gives good surface finish.
– It gives the same color with the rubber, so can be used as a touch up.
– It can be applied by both brushing and spraying
– Help Rubber Flow and gives Vent effects.

Application Of Inside And Outside Paint During Tire Production

Competitors for IPRA and OPRA
– Darmex from Argentina
– Chemtrend from USA
– Dow from USA
– Wacker from Germany