LF-2D Emulsion (Soap Base)

Anti-tacking Agent

Product Name : Notack-LF2D

Application : Notack–LF2D is an anti-tack between surface of green compound, it can be used for most of rubber like, NR, SBR, BR, IIR, etc.
Produces an excellent anti-tack effect and perfect surface appearance without any whitish or dusty in the rubber surface.
Have a good emulsion stability, which cause no solution homogeneity-problem, no settling or floating problem.
Has no effect in the building tack.

Specification :
– Physical Form : Water Based Paste
– Color : Amber
– Specific Gravity : 0.8 – 0.9 gr/cc
– Shelf Life : 1 year

Usage : It can be is applied by dipping the green compound into diluted Notack – LF2D.
The dilution ratio by water is about 1 : 10 weight/weight, depend on the condition of the compound.
The dilution rate sometimes should be adjusted with the nature of the Rubber compound.
It is easier to dissolve in the warm water.