KB2250 (Cure Incoporated Copolymer)

FKM (Fluorocarbon Rubber or Fluoroelastomer) Raw material

Technical Information

FLUONOX®KB2250Z is a fluoroelastomer copolymer which consist of HFP and VDF.FLUONOX®KB2250Z is a cure incorporated (Bisphenol AF) low viscosity fluoroelastomer. This grade is specially designed for application where improved metal bonding adhesion is required, it is suitable for injection, compression andtransfer moulding.FLUONOX®KB2250Z grade is an excellent choice for making oil seals, bearing seals, and other seals where rubber to metal bonding is required.

Product features
*Incorporated metal adhesion promoter
*Superior mould flow
*Good mould releaseand lack of mould fouling
*Good hot tear resistance
*Improved scorch safety