High Flow

Processing Aid & Dispersing Agent

Product Name : HighFlow

Application : HighFlow is a dispersing agent and processing agent in granule form, it can be used for most rubber polymer.
It is well suited for the production of compounds on rubber mills and in internal mixer.
It helps to improve dispersion fillers and facilitates further processing on calendaring machine and in process flow behavior
and sometimes help mold release of molded goods.

Specification :
– Physical Form : White Yellowish Granule
– Odor : Negligible
– Ash Content : 5% Max.
– Dosage : 0.5-2 phr.
– Storage Stability : Min 1 year (under normal storage condition)

Usage : It can be added about 0.5-2 phr, depend on the hardness of the rubber,
higher hardness need higher dosage of HighFlow, and lower hardness need lower dosage more than 4 phr is not advisable.
When it is added in the early mixing cycle, HighFlow has maximum effect on dispersion.
But when it is added late in the mixing cycle, HighFlow improves forming characteristic such as extrusion,
calendaring, mold flow and mold release.
For sulphur curing system, it is also can help to give better dispersion for dispersion for sulphur adding stage,
this will resulted better physical properties because better sulphur dispersion.