83 For Hose Cleasing

LPKK – 83 LPKK – 83 is a specially formulated surfactant designed for Cleaning and Washing for Rubber from many kinds of contaminant or dirt like scientific blend of solvent, used to clean all kind of rubber like NBR, ACM, ECO, EPDM, CR and also thoer Rubber Polymers as well. It properties of penetrants and emulsifiers will provide fast acting removal of oil and other water insoluble contaminant. Performance features: – Muitiple soivent action that works immediately – Biodegradable – Environmental Friendly – Non Volatile Organic Compound Properties: – Appearance               : Clear Viscous Liquid – Density (gr/cc)           : 0.95-1.20 – pH @ 29 oC               : 6.0-8.0 – Shelf Life                   : 1 year – Viscosity (cps)            : 500-1000 Application procedure: Mix with hot water about 60-80 C, then pour LPKK into the hot water about % of the amount of the water, then used those mix to clean and rinse the rubber parts. Storage: Please keep in Dry and cool place, not store at temperatures above 40 oC. Keep from freezing. Keep container tighty sealed to prevent evaporation and/of moisture contamination. Packaging – 30 kgs / plastic jerrycan. – 200 kgs / plastic drum. COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Chemical characterization : A combination of Cleaning Agents, Surfactant, Water, and other additives. Chemical                      CAS Number            Composition Surfactant                     68438-50-9                16-35% Water                            7732-18-5                 70-80%  HAZARDS     IDENTIFICATION Class                          : not applicable Health hazards            : rarety causes ifnitation on skin Environmental hazards : no data available FIRST AID MEASURES Skin contact   : Wash immediately with water. Eye contact    : Rinse thoroughly with water, consult with doctor. Ingestion       : Rinse mouth with water, drink plenty of water, and consult with doctor. FIRE FIGHTING MEASURES Extinguishing media – Suitable         : CO2, Dry Powder, Foam. Extinguishing media – Not Suitable   : Water. ACCIDENTAL RELEASE MEASURES Methods for cleaning up  : Cover the remainder with inert absorbent, collect as much possible in a container for disposal. HANDLING AND STORANGE Information about protection against explosion and fires: No danger of fire and Explosion. Further information about storage condition: –    Container of product closed when not in use. –    Do not add any additive ingredients to the product. EXPOSURE CONTROLS AND PERSONAL PROTECTION Skin protection     : Wear rubber gloves. Eye protection      : Wear protecting glass. Body protection    : Wear appropriates clothing to avoid skin contact. PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES  Appearance                   : Clear Liquid Change Condition           : Boll at 100 oC pH                               : 6.0-8.0 Specific Gravity (gr/cc)    : 0.95-1.20 Viscosity (cps)                : 8.0-10.0 Odor                             : Mild STABILITY  AND REACTIVITY    The liquid be stable at least for a year, no separation occur in our observation. TOXICOLOGICAL INFORMATION A health risk is not known. ECOLOGICAL INFORMATION   Biodegradable in low concentration. DISPOSAL  CONSIDERATIONS  In accordance with the local and state regulations. TRANSPORT  INFORMATION    The product does not constitute a hazardous material in road, rail, sea and air transportation.